Bespoke carpentry, tailored storage

Need more room? We can help...

Whether you're looking to give your interior space that creative touch, maybe you have an unusual carpentry 

requirement or you simply need tailor-made storage, we're here to help. We work closely with our clients, during the initial planning and design stage, to fully understand their vision. Delivering the perfect solution, to the highest standards of quality.

Bespoke carpentry that could include:

  • Built-in wardrobes and storage cupboards

  • Tailor-made furniture

  • Alcoves, bookcases and shelf space

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets

  • Staircase and under-stairs storage

  • Window seating, wall panelling

  • Decking, raised beds and garden planters

If you're tight for space or need fresh ideas, get in touch...

Shelves made from drift wood cut at an angle #driftwood #shelves #woodwork #woodcraft #rustic #style