Garden Rooms

Making the most of outdoor living...

Adding a garden room is a fantastic solution to accommodate activities you do not have the space for in your home. It is a great alternative to extending, in many cases without the need for planning permission. Outbuildings are within the parameters of permitted development (PD) rights, as long as the design complies with the set conditions on size etc.

Possibilities are endless! It is ideal for those who work from home and are looking for a quiet place for office or studio away from family life. Some people want to create the perfect space to entertain guests and relax in. While others like the idea of having extra storage or adding value to their property.

Ideas include:


  • Quiet study, studio or work space

  • Bar, entertaining area away from the main property

  • Extra storage, to free up the garage or loft

  • Cover for a spa pool or Jacuzzi

  • Music room or children's play area

At Iwanski Design we use best quality materials to construct garden rooms to a very high standard.  Our outbuildings are insulated so you can make the most of them all year round. We can help you design your room so that it works best for your needs and budget.