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What makes a good Architect?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

So, unlike our usual articles, this one is going to involve a little audience participation. We’d like to read personal opinions from architects, as well as from home owners that have gone through the selection process of choosing an architect for their building project.

You can login to leave a comment. Alternatively, we’ll also be post links to this article in the social space and if we see a comment elsewhere we’ll endeavour to update the article with those comments and any links too.

The question is a simple one, what makes a good architect?

Forget answering on a postcard, simply add a comment and, if you’re an architect representing a practice, remember to leave a link so we can include it here too. You could include your own experiences, any tips or advice and maybe some ideas on what to avoid.

Feel free to link to this article as well if you wish – thank you

You’ve got to be able to trust an architect. You’ve got to know that what they are proposing is achievable with the budget you have available.

G Wilson (Home owner)

We loved the way our architect helped us through the process from start to finish. They made us feel important and kept us informed.

S Taylor (Home owner)

Being realistic with their ideas and giving you the best for your money.

T White (Home owner)

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