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What's the difference between Quotation and an Estimate?

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We have occasionally been asked to clarify the difference between a quotation and an estimate. You may feel the difference is obvious, yet for some it can be a little confusing. So here’s a brief summary that should help.

There are situations where further clarity may be required, from say the client or a 3rd party supplier, before a fixed price can be agreed. In some cases it’s simply not possible to fix a price and so an estimate showing a price range is the next best thing. For example you might see ‘Estimated between £10-14K’ or 'Estimate in the range of £150 - £200K' as an indicative figure for budgeting purposes, alongside the words “Plus VAT”.

It’s also worth mentioning that depending on the builder, you may receive a full breakdown of the work to be undertaken on their quotations and estimates. You may also see some terms and conditions during the initial stages too. We provide this level of detail on ALL our quotations and estimates. So our customers feel reassured and we know what is required from us to obtain complete customer satisfaction.

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